Dress Code

Wellness Floor Rules

  1. Minimum age requirement is 14 years or older. Youth ages 10-13 years are permitted to use the Cardio Equipment and Weight Machines after completing the Youth Fitness Program and in compliance with the “Youth Fitness Wellness Floor Rules”.

  2. Proper workout attire must be worn at all times (See Wellness Floor Dress Code)

  3. Courteous language is expected at all times

  4. Please limit cellular phone usage to the lobby area

  5. Please allow others to use benches and machines in between your sets

  6. Please do not drop or slam weights as it is disruptive to other members and could cause damage to the equipment

  7. Please wipe down equipment/machines after use with the spray and paper towels provided

  8.  All dumbbells, plates, and cable attachments must be returned to racks and weight trees after use.

  9. Store all personal belongings in the locker areas or cubbies. The Y is not responsible for items left unlocked.

  10. Please leave all food and drink in the locker rooms. Water bottles, sport drinks, etc. are permitted in a spill proof container, no glass please.

  11. No horseplay, running, or disruptive behavior is permitted on the Wellness Floor

  12. Only YMCA employed personal training staff are allowed to utilize the Y facilities for their services. Our definition of personal training is any behavior perceived as one-on-one coaching, fitness training, and/or counseling being provided by someone other than a YMCA employee. Membership privileges may be suspended or terminated for failure to follow this policy.

Youth Fitness Wellness Floor Rules

  1. All 10-13 year old members must complete the Youth Fitness Program before they can have access to the Wellness Floor.

  2. Youth fitness members must be accompanied by an adult while on the Wellness Floor

  3. Youth fitness members may only use the Cardio Equipment and Weight Machines. They are not permitted in the free-weight area.

  4. Youth Fitness members are expected to follow the general rules of the Wellness Floor.

  5. Failure to follow any of the fore mentioned rules could lead to loss of privileges.

Wellness Floor Dress Code

  1. Athletic clothing that covers the midsection and chest must be worn at all times

  2. Clean closed toed/closed heeled athletic footwear required (no sandals, flip flops, crocs, or boots)

  3. No jeans, belts, keys, or any clothing that may cause damage to the upholstery may be worn

  4. Clothing with vulgar messages are prohibited
    No rubber suits or excessive layers may be worn

Y staff reserves the right to ask any member to abide by the above listed rules and regulations of the fitness center.

If for any reason a member fails to follow the guidelines, Y staff can revoke your member privileges. These policies are for your safety, the safety of those around you and the safety of the Y. Please feel free to make suggestions or comments about anything in the wellness area. This allows us to better serve you, your family, and the community.

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